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Most of the locals's favorites - 'ulam bunga kunyit', 'sayur lemak labu', 'kerabu asam', sambal goreng', 'ensai masin', 'asam pedas', fish curry' and so much more to savour

ADM is located at No.38, Kubahria, Matang. Beside serving one of the best 'mee kolok' and 'mee sapi' in town, ADM is a must-go for 'nasi campur' lovers in Kuching. 

ADM - located at no.38 Kubah Ria

Mixed rice,  three layered tea (famous tea in Kuching) and iced milo.

'Nasi campur' means mixed rice in Malay. This Malay dish is a plate of rice mixed with variety of side dishes - may be a bit of fish curry, sweet sour chicken, fried vegetables, boiled salted egg, fried prawn paste and so on - of your choice.

                   The humble Mr Adam, ADM's owner, always cheerful friendly and very helpful

ADM's 'nasi campur' counter serves more than thirty different dishes covering from vegetables, eggs, chickens, meats  to fish. The price you pay depends on the types and amount of dishes you put onto your plate. Don't worry, ADM's flavorful nasi campur is one of the cheapest in Kuching.

ADM also serves an aromatic 'sambal belacan' (sauce made of grind mixture of shrimp paste, chilies, salt, sugar and lime juice). 'Sambal belacan' is a must have side dish to spice up your 'nasi campur'. You can either add some to your dishes to have it with the rice to make it more flavorful or dip your 'ulam' in it.

'Ulam' usually consists of fresh raw vegetables. ADM serves 'ulam' like 'daun cantik manis' (known as cosmos caudatus in English or ulam raja in Peninsular Malaysia), 'bunga kunyit' (the turmeric flower), lady fingers, cooked 'jantung pisang' (I don't know what it is known in English but it is part of the banana flowers which did not form into banana) and so much more.

ADM's 'nasi campur' at no.38 Kubahria in Matang is a must-try. Come before 11.30am to avoid the stream of visitors. 12pm onwards you will have to join the perpetual qeueu at this busy little place.

                                                            Kubah Ria main entrance

                                         ADM's customer start to fill the place as early as 7am

                                                              The Kubah Ria

       Theres quite a number of sinks on the left and right hand side of the entrance to wash your hands

                                         Kubah Ria seen from Medan Niaga Satok

          A clean lady/man's washroom is on the left side of the entrance

It's not only the flavorful food but this humble friendly owner who is always there to serve you with his
                             ever-ready smile, that makes you end up coming here often

                                                 Some of the menus with the price

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