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Mom's Laksa @ Matang

Laksa Sarawak (or Sarawak Laksa) is one of the signature dish in the Land of The Hornbill. This guilt pleasure dish is a must-eat for the local.

As one of the local's favorite, Laksa Sarawak is available everywhere. Most of the coffee shop have a Laksa Sarawak stall. However, the most popular stall and the local's favorite are Tinot's Laksa, Haji Mannan's Laksa and Mom's Laksa

Among the three, Mom's Laksa serve the best Laksa Sarawak in Kuching. So far none can beat Mom's Laksa fiery thick soup - heavy and delicious. 

There's something so additive about the thick fragrant soup - Mom's Laksa secret for the perfect balance between the laksa paste and  the coconut juice flavoring mix, with 'sambal belacan' and fresh lime juice in a good measure.  Credit to  Mom's Laksa's generosity with the chicken slices, jumbo prawns and omelet strips. 

('Sambal belacan' for Laksa Sarawak is usually made of grind mixture of shrimp paste, chilies, salt and lime juice.)

It's not surprising when Mom's Laksa opened another branch in Matang sometimes in December 2012 to cater the flowing crowds. 

The one and only - the spicy, thick and delicious Mom's Laksa
- topped with generous jumbo prawns, omelet strips, chicken slices & coriander
- served with fresh lime and fiery sambal belacan

Try Mom's Laksa - you will end up coming there often

Laksa Sarawak is a dish of thin rice vermicelli in a creamy, spicy and unique fragrant  soup. It is topped with prawns, tender chicken slices, bean sprouts, omelette strips, fresh coriander leafs and fesh lime. It is served with 'sambal belacan'. That makes the broth's unique flavour.

Though cooking the laksa soup itself is not an easy task, most of the Sarawakians know how to prepare the soup and the ingredients for the laksa.  Laksa paste can be easily found  in the supermarket.  The famous brands to the locals are 'The swallow, Haji Manan and MUSC. 

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