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No.71, Kampung Annah Rais, Jalan Borneo Height, 94200 Padawan, Malaysia

Annah Rais Longhouse is located at about 60km away from Kuching City, Sarawak, or better known as Borneo Island in the western world. It is 1.5 hour drive journey from Kuching.

It is a large & old Bidayuh Tribe's Longhouse that houses over 80 families (80 doors), while the remaining of about 70 units are scattered single houses. Estimated around 1000 populations of the longhouse folks live harmoniously under the leadership of a headman / chief (Ketua Kaum).

Majority, about 60% of the villager there are still live in a traditional way of longhouse's living. They plant paddy, cocoa, pepper, rubber & etc. for living. Another 40% moved to cities for career-call in government departments and private sectors.

Annah Rais is  situated on both banks of Sarawak River. The longhouse itself consists of about 80 doors,

Annah Rais longhouse in Sarawak has a written history of 175 years old (over 500 years old of unwritten history, which counting to approximately 8 generations old) to date. It is believed that their ancestors first settled at the foot of Mount Penrissen and later moved downward to four hill-tops. The choice of setting on higher ground was meant for security reason because in those days head hunting activity was widely practice in Sarawak.

When the White Rajah or the Englishman named James Brooke came and ruled Sarawak in the early 19th century, peace was gradually installed. This enable our ancestors to move down from mountain and hill-tops and settled here in what is known now as Annah Rais Longhouse.

Annah Rais longhouse is the place if you would like to know more about the life styles and cultures of the longhouse inhabitants. Join the home stay programs because it will enable you to experience the real life styles of the village folks. Join us with gardening, farming, hunting and fishing.

Finally, go for jungle trekking in order to see for yourself the beauty of our tropical rainforest and a few stunning waterfalls. Your stay here will be fully occupied with many guided tours and activities.

Many tourists from all over the world come to visit Annah Rais Longhouse everyday and they just fascinated with the traditional way of living here.

In the community of Annah Rais Longhouse, many of them (families) actually participate in their homestay programme by offering a clean guest room. Guests will be staying with any one of them during the night.

 The rest of the time you will be grouped together for meals, tours & activities.


The guestroom is basic, just exactly like their own bedroom. It is clean, cosy, comfortable and come with mosquito netting, cooling fan(s), comfortable mattress, blanket, pillow, wardrobe & etc.


Facilities include luggage storage, use of the kitchen, laundry service, 3 meals daily, free flow of coffee tea, traditional costume for photographing, musical instruments.

3 meals daily with their traditional local food (breakfast, lunch & dinner) including their bamboo rice. The time to try our bamboo rice is after the harvesting season which is at the end of March every year where we call it "new rice tasting".

Try also our bamboo chicken, bamboo shoot which will be stir fry and lots of other vegetables that we plant and some also collected from the surrounding jungle such a fern (paku & midin).


Orange juice, coffee, tea, or Milo (chocolate drink) with boiled water. Guests will also be served with their traditional local herbal tea which is made from a tree bark. Home-brewed rice wine will be served  while relaxing and enjoying the traditional cultural show.

Their water is supply from our mountain and goes through a water filter provided by the government so they are clean, fresh, & chlorine free.


There is a river with the crystal clear & cold running water from the mountain. We can bring you to deep river water where you really can enjoy your swim or relax by the riverbank.


You are advised to purchase all your personal stuffs in kuching before heading up to our longhouse.

Below are some general packing lists for your reference:

Insect repellent
Personal medication
Tooth paste & brush
Soap & shampoo (you can use ours too if you don't mind)
Sun block cream
Goggle (just in case the one we provided will not fit your face)
Long-sleeve shirt & long pant (in case it gets cold at night)
Casual clothes
Shoes/boots (for jungle trekking)
Flashlight (if you plan for night jungle trekking)
Camera or camcorder
Hat, sunglasses & watch.
Rubber shoes for jungle trekking


Guided Outdoor Activities : Jungle Trekking, Tropical Rainforest Exploration
jungle trekking to enjoy the beauty of the tropical rainforest and few stunning waterfalls. The  experienced & skillful jungle expert's guidance will bring you to see the flora & fauna, identify the herbs and its usage in natural healing.

Guided Outdoor Activities: Swimming at the untouched natural 3-tier Waterfall
Try a waterfall massage. The water is cold & crystal clear.

Guided Outdoor Activities : Soaking in the natural hot spring (The jungle spa)
A hot spring nearby at our longhouse. It is located in the middle of the jungle. You will enjoy a short jungle trekking through a few gardens, farms, hills and also Bamboo Bridge to reach this natural spa.

Guided Outdoor Activities : Bamboo Rafting
Learn how to build a bamboo raft and go for spear fishing or casting with it.

Guided Outdoor Activities : Hunting with the Blowgun Demonstration
You will learn how to hunt with the real blowgun in the jungle. The dart will definitely hit the animal if you are skillful enough, but it will not kill or injure them in anyway as darts are not poisonous & sharpened.

Guided Outdoor Activities : Processing Sugars
Choose to spend your one day stay crushing sugarcane using traditional homemade sugarcane crusher and cook it to get sugar.

Guided Outdoor Activities : Rubber Tapping
Wake up early morning and go to rubber farm to tape rubber tree and process its milk into a scrap rubber.

Guided Outdoor Activities : Rice Harvesting
During the month of February to April, it's paddy field harvesting season. You can join the fellow villagers for the rice harvesting at the hilly land.


Guided Indoor Activities : Longhouse Tour and Exploration
This guided tour can be conducted anytime when you are free from any activities (usually on the first day stay before dinner). You will be invited to visit other families too in the same village for culture’s exchange.

Guided Indoor Activities : Cooking Rice, Meat and Fish in Bamboo
Cooking food sand boiling water in bamboo is the Bidayuh traditional way of cooking. A demonstration of this activity will be carried out in the evening to prepare your dinner. This is their signature dish for the dinner. In case you prefer not to cook your food in bamboo, you may request to cook your food in pans and pots.

 Guided Indoor Activities : Traditional Culture Show
Traditional Culture show at night after dinner (usually on your first day of your stay) includes traditional dance and traditional musical instrument. All the dancers dressed themselves with the Bidayuh Traditional Costumes.

Guided Indoor Activities : Playing the Traditional Bidayuh Musical Instruments
Learn the basic of playing any of the musical instruments.

** Most of the activities stated above have already been included in our full-board package. For more details on our tours & activities' arrangement, please refer to Packages & Itineraries. Some activities are subject to weather condition; hence we reserve the right to change the itinerary if deemed necessary. Our decision will be the final one.

Transportation, accommodation, meals, beverages, activities & tours, laundry, wine tasting, loan of traditional costumes and loan of jungle tools.

* You can choose any of the above Homestay Day Activity during your stay.
* Any package booked will include Guided Longhouse Tour and Traditional Cultural show on your first day stay.
* + RM170 surcharge for guest traveling alone for daytrip package
* + RM188 surcharge for guest traveling alone for any homestay package booked.
* 10% discount for student and to go min 3 persons.
* Children are from age 5 to11 and to travel with at least 2 adults.
* 1 bottle of tuak every 3 guests.

Contact :  Mr. Ringin  019-8175229
Presto  : +60 168828753 (presto@mdrlonghousehomestay.com)
Email  : info@mdrlonghousehomestay.com

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