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World's First Tomistoma Breeding Farm
Tomistoma means "sharp mouth", derived from tomos (Greek for "cutting" or "sharp") + stoma (Greek for "mouth"), referring to the slender shape of the jaws.

This kind of species only habitat in Borneo, Malaysia and Indonesia (Sumatra, Kalimantan & Java).It is estimated that there is only less than 1,000 alive in the world. They can grow up to 5m (16 feet) in length.

Jong’s Crocodile Farm & Zoo has successfully hatched this species since 2005 but is still trying to improve the hatching ratio.

Jong’s Crocodile Farm & Zoo, situated at 18½ Miles (29km) Kuching/ Serian Highway, a 20 minute leisure drive from Kuching Town, the capital of Sarawak, Land of Hornbills, boasts one of the largest and the only crocodile breeding farm in the country.

Set amidst the charming backdrop of tall tropical trees, lush vegetation and local fruit trees lies this unique farm with over a thousand crocodiles bred in captivity. The farm provides a perfect sanctuary for the reptiles, saving the species from extinction.  There are huge and deep concrete ponds and natural breeding grounds for the crocodiles to mate and multiply.

Visitors are able to gaze at the snapping jaws, cold menacing eyes, sharp pointed teeth and powerful lashing tails of the crocs within short distance yet safe because of the metal fence.

Apart from crocodiles there are also numerous rare species of birds and animals found only in the Borneo Island.  Visitors can have the enchanting experience of walking freely among the monkeys, leopard-cats, sunbears, bearcats, pheasants, civets, barking deers, sambar deers, turtles, fruit bats, monitor lizards, pythons and even hornbills.

Things You Should Know:

Wear comfortable walking shoes & light clothing. Sarawak being in the tropics, it is advisable to dress light. Bring Camera for those unforgettable moments / Suntan lotion / Sun Hat

 Getting Here

 The Crocodile Farm is located about 29km (18 ½ Miles) from Kuching City, just off the Kuching-Serian Highway on the way to Skrang River, Batang Air Resort. It is easily accessible by road, which takes only 20 minutes by car and is a popular stop-over for tourists and locals enroot to their Skrang River Safari for an adventure of a lifetime.

Bus Services

From city to Jong’s Crocodile Farm & Zoo please take bus No.3, 3A, 9A and 9B at S.T.C.
Bus station :  (Ban Hock Wharf), Jawa Street, Kuching.
Tour Arrangement with your Hotel Duty Manager for Tour or Travel Agencies.

Taxi Services

Kuching Taxi Radio Call Service
Tel: 082-348898,  082-480000

T & T Radio Call Taxi Service
Tel:  082-343343,  082-342255

ABC Taxi Radia Call Service
Tel:  082-611611,  082-341818

Find more information contact :


29km (18 ½ Miles) Kuching-Serian Highway, Siburan.
P.O. Box 670,
Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.

Tel: 6-082-242790 (office) / 6-082-863570 (farm)
Fax: 6-082-254436
E-mail: jongscrocfarm@yahoo.com
Website: www.jongscrocodile.com

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