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Source  : Anak Borneo

Sarawak Ethnic Memaloh live mostly in Batang Katibas and Lubok Antu.Some have migrated to Sibu and Miri.They work in forest logging,plantation and Factories.

Centuries ago, they followed their Iban neighbor migrated to Sarawak. Currently,one can meet Memaloh living along with the Iban in the same longhouse.

One cannot tells the different between Memaloh and Iban because Memaloh are bilingual in languages.They can speak both Memaloh and Iban. In Katibas,  Iban longhouse, at least one Memaloh family live together under one roof with the Iban.

Sarawak Memaloh language are group as Tamanic language group  (This language are still common in Kapuas Ulu,especially in Putusibau).

Sarawak Memaloh group are divided into 2 language groups :

~  The Tamambalo(concentrate in Batang Embaloh)

~  and also Taman Kapuas.(In Putusibau).

Today, most Memaloh in Sarawak speak Iban, instead of their language.

The Sarawakian Memaloh are very easy adopt the place around them.They can mix with every ethnic group in Sarawak.Intermarriage between Memaloh and other ethnic group are so common,until they left their own tradition.

Thanks to their friendliness,they manage to avoid "Mangayo"(head-hunting) by their fierce neighbour of Iban tribe.Beside that,Memaloh are good in business and trade.They also trade their craft especially "Mandau"(Sword) and clothes for their Iban neighbor.Among the famous bead work in textile,"Baju Buriek",made from shell embroidery.Some other Memaloh craft can be seen in Iban costume and some keep it in Sarawak Museum.

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