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Sarawak River

Sarawak River Cruise :  
Kuching Sight-seeing Tours

The Sarawak River Cruise is a fantastic way to view the city and the past historical landmarks of Kuching. The river cruises give you an unobstructed view of the city and its surroundings that is impossible to experience from dry land.  

~  You will pass 'tambangs' (also known as gondolas of the East) - used for ferrying locals across the river from the Malay Villages. 

~  View of Astana, former residence of the Rajah Brooke and now the Governor’s residence.

~  Fort Margherita, built during the reign of Rajah Charles Brooke is now a Police Museum is also on the visit list.

DUN (Dewan Undangan Negeri), the new Parliament House - as grand as a palace

~   DUN (Dewan Undangan Negeri), the Parliament House  - this unique building resemble the Melanau tribe hat.

~  You will cruise by the Satok Bridge before returning to Kuching City.

Continue cruising along the Malay village with their daily chores and towards the Sarawak Bureau Convention Center. 

~  The constant changing of this living scenery gives you the best picture of the history and lifestyles in Kuching.

Things You Should Know:

Wear comfortable walking shoes & light clothing. Sarawak being in the tropics, it is advisable to dress light. Bring Camera for those unforgettable moments.


The Sarawak River Cruise offers more than a cruising experience for sightseeing cruise tours, dining cruises and private charters.

The unique cruising experience offers panoramic views of the city skyline, the surrounding mountain range, historical colonial buildings and many more of the area's famous landmarks.

Be it a private party or a corporate function, you'll find this cruise an unique and worthy experience.

The MV Equatorial  ship offers a few packages that are related to sunset viewing inclusive of dining on board.


- 1 hour and 15 minutes
It starts on 9.45am OR 3.15pm daily.

A leisurely cruise to view Kuching with its highlights on Kuching Waterfront, historical buildings, traditional houses built on stilts, and recent developments within the vicinity.

Price : RM 45 / adult, RM 25 / child

Inclusive : Coffee / tea; PA system / karaoke set

Remarks : Minimum 10 person / trip


1 hour 30 minutes
-   It starts on 5.30pm daily.

The most popular cruise for you to enjoy a memorable evening with your loved ones. In addition to the scenic highlights along the river, you will also be entertained by dancers / performed aboard.

Price : RM 60 / adult, RM 30 / child

Inclusive : Snacks, Coffee / tea / drink

Remarks : Minimum 2 person / trip


The best cruise for all  types of corporate functions / private charters for guests up to 130 persons / trip. With your choice of buffet menu & themed party such as Hawaiian & Pirates Nite served by friendly crew onboard, you'll find this cruise experience entertaining and unforgettable.

Departure : 7:30 pm onwards

Price : from RM 35 / adult, RM 20 / child

Inclusive : Welcome Drink, Co/fee / Tea ; PA / karaoke

Remarks : Optional Buffet Dinner : Minimum 30 person (Early hooking required)

(Promotional Packages)

(Hawaiian Party / Pirates Nite / Sarawak Fiesta / Sail in the 70's / White Rajah Party / Treasure Hunt / Singles Night / Valentine's Party / 'Just Married' / Creative Teambuilding etc.)


- 1.5 hours cruise (+ 7z hr at waterfront for 50 persons  & above)

- Complimentary use of karaoke set & PA system

- Arrangement of cultural performance / dance party / quiz / games with prizes

Buffet meal : minimum 20 persons

Menu: Fruit Salad, Chicken (Lemon / Roasted / Bamboo), Fish Fillet / Terubok (Sweet & Sour / Deep Fried), Squid Fried with Thai Sauce, Mixed Vegetable / Midin Belacan, Fried (Rice / Mee Hoon / Noodle), Cordial Drink, Assorted Cakes / Seasonal Fruits

20 - 49 person :
RM 65 / adult
-  RM 35 / child (aged 4 to 12)

50 - 130 person : 
-  RM 57 / adult
-  RM 27 / child (aged 4 to 12


- 2 hrs cruise (+ Vi hr at waterfront for 50 pax & above)

- Complimentary use of karaoke set & PA system

- Arrangement of cultural performance / dance party / quiz / games with prizes

- VIP Reception & Lucky Draw

- Buffet meal; minimum 20 persons

Menu: Fruit Salad, Ulam-ulaman, Soup (Local / Fish Maw), Cold Dish - Jelly Fish, Chicken (Lemon / Roasted / Bamboo), Fish Fillet / Terubok (Sweet & Sour / Deep Fried). Squid (Butter / Fried with Thai Sauce), Mixed Vegetable / Midin Belacan, Steam Rice (White / Fried with Seafood), Fried (Mee Hoon / Noodle), Assorted Cake - Layer Sarawak Cake, Seasonal Fruits, Cordial Drink, Coffee & Tea

20 - 49 person  
-  RM 65 / adult
-  RM 35 / child (aged 4 to 12)

50 - 130 person : 
-  RM 57 / adult
-  RM 27 / child (aged 4 to 12)


Harbour Cruises Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of Harbour Cruises & Events Group, is a fully licensed cruise company, which focuses on operating harbour cruises, creative teambuilding, and corporate events in the region.

Since its inception in 2000, the company specialises in cruise / yacht management, marine consultancy, corporate functions, themed cruise parties, marine carnivals, and investments in 'relevant joint venture projects in marine tourism.


Name :  Sarawak River Cruise (MV Equatorial)

Length  : 120 feet (36m)

Breadth : 20 feet (6m)

Capacity : 138 persons

Decks : 2 decks

Facilities : Air-conditioned dining lounge, karaoke set, PA system, open-air upper deck, performance stage, souvenirs counter, minibar, washrooms etc.

Optional : Buffet menu, Dance performance, MC / DJ, Live band, Magic show, Clown performance, Lucky Draw with Games & Prizes etc.

Contact :  Harbour Cruises Sdn Bhd

Company address : No. 37 Pandungan Road, 93100, Kuching, Sarawak
Phone : 6082240566
Fax :  6082426966

MV Equatorial


This is a wonderful way of observing Kuching City from a different angle and will give you a feel of how transportation to and from the city was in the olden days before the introduction of modern road vehicles.

Enjoy the scenic highlights and the best view of the Astana, "Dewan Undangan Negeri",  Fort Margherita, historic mosque, Brockets Dockyard, modern high-rises, fishing village, traditional houses built on stilts, densely grown nipah (local palm trees) etc., set against the dramatic backdrop of the inky-blue Santubong and Matang Range of mountains.

 On most days you will be able to enjoy a scenic sunset from the deck of the cruise ship.

If your cruise happens on a Sunday, you will get to see village children splashing along the river or diving from treetops while shouting greetings at you.

Below deck, air-conditioned comfort 

 Upper deck



The boat : Cencera Jiwa

Boat Operation Schedule

Location: Kuching Waterfront, Kuching Sarawak
Boat schedule: anytime based on boat availability
Boat capacity: 2 - 6 persons
Cruise rates for 45 minutes cruise duration : Adult- RM20 per person / Child- RM5 per person

Add-on RM5 per person for extra 15 minutes cruise duration.

Operation hours: daily 10 am-7pm (Last boat at 6 pm)

For booking and enquiries, contact :  +6 012 882 2353
blog : cenderajiwa-cruise.blogspot.com
email :  ilhamcipta@yahoo.com


Among attraction places that you can see and experience while cruising along the sarawak river with cendera jiwa cruise, traditional sarawak river cruise :

Kuching Waterfront

State Mosque

The Astana,

Ceko Market

Malay villages along Sarawak River

* As there's only 1 boat available, do inform the owner if more than 1 boat are needed.


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